A psychological operations (psyops) operative refuses to engage in dirty tricks and is framed for a murder.

The Man Who Knew Too Much is a documentary film by Michael Oswald about Colin Wallace a former Military Intelligence Officer involved in psychological operations in Northern Ireland. The film explores in depth what psychological operations involved. This was not just spreading propaganda, but also creating conflict between target groups and individuals, and influencing and manipulating politics and politicians, religious office holders and community groups of all shapes and sizes. Colin Wallace fell out with sections of the Intelligence community and was framed for the murder of a friend.


  • Website: colinwallacefilm.com
  • Distributor: Blue Media
  • IMDB: The Man Who Knew Too Much (2020)
  • With Contributions From: Colin Wallace, Stephen Dorril, Rory Cormac, Fred Holroyd, Robin Ramsay, Richard Jenkins.
  • Director/Writer/Producer: Michael Oswald
  • Original Music: Marc van der Meulen
  • Assistant Editor: Santiago Piqueras Ricote
  • Audio Mix & Master: Sean Adam Boucher
  • Translations: Italian by Mario Palla; Spanish by Andrés Arias Uribe; French by Rosalie Carn; Macedonian by IFFS; German by Ursula Stucki.