“97% Owned” explains the role and power of money creation in our economic and financial system, it reveals the social implications of money creation both on a local and global level. The film shows how a change in the money system can bring about a more equal and democratic society.

Website: www.97percentowned.com


  • Director: Michael Oswald
  • Producer: Mike Horwath
  • Narrator: Maddy Reilly
  • Year: 2012
  • Running time: 130 minutes
  • Budget: £800 (Self-funded)
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  • Distributor: Sideways Films
  • Translators: Bulgarian by Dragomir Dragnev; French by Karl Chretien; German by Moritz Nepomuk Mayer; Indonesian by Bitang Putra; Italian by Mario Palla; Korean by Joon Sik Jung; Portuguese by Gonçalo Gueifao; Romanian by Alexandru Bot; Spanish by Andrés Arias Uribe; Swedish by Susanne Ekelin & Elina Lagesson; Slovenian by Irena Hrast;