“Michael Oswald’s extraordinary new film about former covert operative Colin Wallace highlights British intelligence and military psychological operations in Northern Ireland and begs the question: do they continue today with different political targets?”

Umar Nasser – DeclassifiedUK

“This gripping fact-based new documentary by filmmaker Michael Oswald gives a unique insight into the curious life of Colin Wallace, a former Senior Information Officer at the Ministry of Defence who specialised in psychological warfare…..”

Graham Chalmers – Harrogate Advertiser

In a modern world driven by information, instant messaging and social media, we have much to learn from The Man Who Knew Too Much.” Disinformation and psychological operations may be easier to deploy today than they were half a century ago.

Ciaran McAirt – Paper Trail Legacy Archive Research

A tale from recent history with an urgent contemporary relevance [The Man Who Knew Too Much]”.

Steve Morrissey – Film Critic – moviesteve.com

The lengths to which MI5, MI6 and the psyops warriors of the British military will go to suppress the truth about their dirty tricks in Ireland is astonishingly well told in this marvellous new film [The Man Who Knew Too Much].”


Professor David Miller – University of Bristol – @Spinwatch

Forget anything by John Le Carre, this [The Spider’s Web] is a real political drama which is more thrilling than anything seen in Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy. This documentary isn’t like any fiction film that Hollywood has ever produced, which goes to show you that real life is far more sinister and corrupt than anything that a screenwriter can imagine.

Bianca Garner – Film Critic – Filmotomy

The Spider’s Web, Britain’s Second Empire is a thoroughly researched and well-crafted documentary by Michael Oswald that explores the history of Britain’s tax havens and the system that encouraged their creation rooted in its colonial history.” 



The Spider’s Web offers unique insight into the British Empire, both past and present, and its colonies and far flung outposts. This is a story which, if known at all, is often understood through a rose tinted view of what that British Empire actually represented.

Joel Benjamin – Open Democracy

The Spider’s Web employs an array of experts in offshore tax havens to detail the degree to which the British elite has created a system of shocking inequity.


Nick Holdsworth – Modern Times – The European Documentary Magazine

With cinematic production values, the film [97% Owned] opens like a gripping thriller and unfolds an exhausting and tense narrative thread throughout.

Caspar Walsh – Journalist – Positive News

“A thought provoking and engaging narrative [Princes of the Yen] that permeates deep into your subconscious. By the time the end credits are rolling you will feel enthused to not only consider our own economic conditions but also to even dare to contemplate an alternative economic structure.”

Simeon C. Roberts – Film blogger – The Film Gods

This film [Princes of the Yen] shines a light on the fundamentals of our economic system – that is who creates money and for what – in a way that very few others have managed, or dared.

Josh Ryan-Collins – Economist and Author


“[Princes of the Yen]…..essential viewing if you have any interest at all in politics or economics.

Steve Morrissey – Film Critic – moviesteve.com