A film about corruption in high places and those who enable it

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) are people who hold a public function and as a result present higher risks of being involved in bribery or corruption. Offshore leaks have revealed repeatedly that PEPs use British finance and British offshore jurisdictions to launder their wealth, hide their wealth and re-invest it into the global financial system. London is the place where they buy property, where they take legal action against their critics and where they live when they fall from grace.

But what happens when a developing country fights back and attempts to get Britain to return the money that it claims has been stolen?

Watch Behind Closed Doors and find out.


  • Website: Behindcloseddoorsdoc.com
  • Distributor: Various
  • IMDB: Link
  • With Contributions From: Imran Khan, Arshad Sharif, John-Allan Namu, Tom Stocks, Rachel Davies Teka, Fawad Chaudry, Emin Huseynov, Shazad Akbar, Irfan Hashmi.
  • A Film By: Michael Oswald and Murtaza Mehdi
  • Director/Writer/Producer: Michael Oswald
  • Writer/Producer/Assistant Director: Murtaza Mehdi
  • Narrated By: Tom F.
  • Original Music: Matthew Swinnerton
  • Research: Hina Sarwat
  • Audio Mix & Master: Sean Adam Boucher
  • Kenya Production: Simeon C Roberts
  • Translations: