Independent POV is an independent production company, producing documentaries that explore the themes of secrecy and abuse of power. The films aim to challenge dogma and encourage thinking. Previous documentaries include The Man Who Knew Too Much (2020) about an intelligence service whistle blower who was framed for a murder, The Spider’s Web (2017) about Britain’s transformation from an imperial power to a global leader in offshore finance and  Princes of the Yen (2014) a film on Japan’s bubble economy.

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David Miller

 “The lengths to which MI5, MI6 and the psyops warriors of the British military will go to suppress the truth about their dirty tricks in Ireland is astonishingly well told in this marvellous new film [The Man Who Knew Too Much].”

Bianca Garner

Forget anything by John Le Carre, this [The Spider’s Web] is a real political drama which is more thrilling than anything seen in Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy. This documentary isn’t like any fiction film that Hollywood has ever produced, which goes to show you that real life is far more sinister and corrupt than anything that a screenwriter can imagine.

Josh Ryan-Collins

This film [Princes of the Yen] shines a light on the fundamentals of our economic system – that is who creates money and for what – in a way that very few others have managed, or dared.